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Mobile Payments & Loyalty

SaleGrabber financial solutions.

Mozido, a company working in the white-label, cloud-based mobile payment services, is looking towards loyalty marketing as the next crucial element in its solution portfolio.

Enter IQ Gecko, a division of IQ Information Technology which is a leading platform for creating, distributing and managing customer loyalty solutions for leading brands such as Toys-R-Us, Harley Davidson and Best Western, reaching millions of consumers in over 60 countries worldwide.

...collecting POS & Customer data.

The “Tablet for Data Grabber” uses our specially designed Android Tablet App to grab the same sales data that goes to the printer.

It then attaches this data with the Loyalty Card customer details so that you can track exactly  who bought what, where, when & for how much.  

The “System for Data Grabber” is a PC-based solution that grabs and attaches sales data to your loyalty custom while also adding info (coupons, points updates, etc) right onto the sales receipt.